Our Paths Must Have Crossed

If you are not someone that I know personally from my hometown, then we have been introduced by a friend or somewhere over the last six years our paths have crossed, and I wanted the opportunity to reintroduce myself.

I was born and raised in Rhodesia only moving to South Africa after it became Zimbabwe. I married and we raised a family in Port Alfred, in the Eastern Cape. I spent 23 years working as a bookkeeper, for the same firm, until the world recession instigated the collapse of the building industry and the firm closed its doors. I then spent eight months as the curator of an art gallery in the quaint village of Bathurst, until the owner and artist died, and I was once again unemployed. Being the curator of an art gallery really spoke to my creative soul, however, needs must, and I found myself on a five-day training course with Corinium Care in Nailsworth, in January 2014, with my good friend, Lindsay Timm.

My first UK stint was for five months, followed by six weeks at home and then another four months.  The second year when I returned after my midyear break I was told that the agency had no work for me as there is always an abundance of carers in the summer.  I was furious, if I had known before I flew I would have stayed home longer.

However, the Universe stepped in and I found a private job.  I have never advertised for work and am extremely grateful to acknowledge the fact that since that awful July 2015, I have never been without work when I needed it.

Here I am, six years later, having sold our home, shipped our furniture and moved to the United Kingdom, leaving our youngest son behind, (the nest left him) at Rhodes University in Grahamstown.  

My husband Bruce, our eldest son, Blair and I bought a house in Wincanton, Somerset.  Blair is a yachtie and lives away at sea for about eight months of the year.  Bruce has worked as an ex-pat in Abu Dhabi.  As a Home Care assistant, I am away from home a lot.  We looked for somewhere close to our middle son Kyle, who lives with his girlfriend in Somerset.  We wanted a garden that was manageable for me if I was home alone, but inside space in the house that was big enough for all three of us when we are lucky enough to all be home  together.  I am so grateful that we found just what we were looking for and I am looking forward to getting to know my new community.

At about the same time that the house was transferred into our name I launched my website.  I am thrilled with the layout and I am hoping that it is going to create a lot of interest and bring more business my way.  Please do click on the link, www.venters.org and have a look for yourself.  I would love to know what you think.

I love to find new clients, set up their routines, find them the right Assistant and then look after the roster.  My bookkeeping experience has ensured that I use all my organisational skills and meticulous attention to detail to good use in running my Swallows Source and Management business.

I still do live-in Home Care assignments myself; however, I have completed a Soul Midwife course and End of Life is my absolute passion.  My family are convinced that I have become completely obsessed with death and dying.  I find it heart-breaking to think of all the people that have died since the deadly corona virus turned our world upside down, and they could not have their loved ones by their sides.  The thought of the virus invading our Old Age Homes and decimating its residents just fills me with absolute horror.

This is really all about touching base.  I am keen to do this on a regular basis.  If you are not interested in hearing from me again, then please just send me an email and I will remove your name from any future mailing list.

If you know of anyone who needs:

  • A Home Care Assistant to help them retain their independence at Home
  • Anyone requiring End of Life Care
  • An Assistant who is looking for work

Then please feel free to share my details.

In the meantime, take care and stay safe


Care to the End, when dying matters


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