It’s never too late to learn how to meditate and the benefits of meditation will enhance your life; allowing you to go within and find a place of deep peace.

We are happy to provide 1:1 training but also offer a four week course with a weekly two hour session, thereafter students can join the drop in group.

If you would like to know more, please join my mailing list and I will let you know when the next four week course will start.


Angel healing

The Angels themselves do all the work and during a healing we will both receive an outpouring of Divine Soul Energy, allowing you to help release physical, emotional and ancestral imbalances. This is one of the highest forms of healing for individuals, groups and the planet and I shall be working hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom. Everyone will respond to this simple, yet Divine healing in accordance with their own spiritual development. Contact me for times.

Gentle Touch

The power of touch can literally heal the world. Touch is a spiritual language we instinctively know how to use and it is just as good to receive touch as it is to give it. Gentle touch strengthens relationships and is the first sense we experience at birth as we are placed in the arms of our mother’s and if we are truly lucky it will be the last thing we feel at the end of our lives.

Please contact me for more information on Gentle Touch

Triggers Your Own Ability to Heal