Red Tent Women's Circle

Members of modern groups can find support, sanctity and solace in sisterhood. These meetings are open to all women, from the maiden, to the crone and everyone in between. The experience is grounding and you will come away feeling renewed, stronger and closer to your sisters. This is a place to be heard without judgement.

In a society where women are continually pushed to compete, this gathering is a chance to relate to one another, a place to be listened to, to be heard and supported by other women and to finally find your feminine power.
This is not a place for advice, but a place where you will be totally and completely accepted for who you are. As you become honest with others in a non-judgmental setting, how you perceive yourself will shift and you can finally become your true authentic self. For more info on where and when we gather to share, please contact me.
Henna Hands
Death Cafe

Death Cafe

A Death Cafe is a scheduled non-profit get-together for the purpose of talking about death over coffee, tea and cake. The goal of these non-profit groups is to educate and help others become more familiar with the end of life. 

Open to, and respectful of, people of all communities and belief systems, this Death Café is a safe place to have conversations about death.

A safe and welcoming place to gather, eat cake, drink tea and talk about death. Together we can share experiences, opinions and go about living our most authentic lives. Join my mailing list to find out more information and dates and times of our next meeting.

Drumming Circle

The Drumming Circle is a place to heal. The circle is an informal group of people who gather to make music, it is free form without a firm beginning or end to the music.
You do not have to be an experienced drummer; all I ask is that you participate and above all have fun. Even if you are rhythmically challenged, once you put your inhibitions aside you will find the rhythms inside of you. Although it is called drumming circle, in fact any percussion instrument will do.

Come join the community, each person is there to share their spirit and personal energy, this group consciousness becomes a very powerful and yet intimate experience. Your level of expertise is not as important as your ability to join the community and share your spirit and let the circle take care of itself.

If you live in Wincanton, or close by and would be interested in joining like-minded people for an evening of drumming and community then contact me for more details.

Hand Drum