Tender Loving Care

A Practical and Loving way to support someone who is Dying

TLC workshops give ANYONE and EVERYONE practical skills, invaluable information, confidence and support when it comes to looking after someone who is dying. You may work in health care, be caring for a loved one or feel drawn to this kind of work, whatever your motivation and experience, you are very welcome.

Gwen Venters - TLC Trainer
These TLC workshops can be tailored and delivered to teams in Businesses, Care/Nursing homes, Hospices, Hospitals, Support Groups, Communities and in-fact, anywhere within the Wincanton, Somerset area.

Soul Midwives up and down the country are running these courses and although the content is consistent, the delivery, handouts, extra material and special touches may vary, and therefore so do the costs.

Please contact me for more information and all the finer details about the individual training and business rates.